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The Keys to Good Production Music

Ilio’s Ivory-Upright virtual package even has creaks and clunks.

If an actual upright piano is a bit heavy for the production suite budget, consider Ilio’s Ivory-Upright Pianos virtual instrument package.

The collection is based on samples from a contemporary Yamaha U5 upright piano along with a 1914 Hume upright, a 1915 Packard Honky-Tonk piano (from the “Cheers” bar in Boston) and a 1900s “tack” piano.

Joe Ierardi, Synthogy cofounder and producer of the package, said: “These four pianos had so much personality and nuance to capture.” He said customers have been asking for an upright piano instrument.

The Ivory-Upright Pianos package has 5,000 samples and more than 50 GB of material; up to 10 velocity layers; customized soundboard emulation and a “creaks and clunks” layer for realism. It is available in VST and RTAS flavors for Mac and Windows and Mac AU.