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The Pitchforks Are Out

Music website teams up with TuneIn and Lexus

Music news and festival organizer Pitchfork has announced something that should get the attention of radio broadcast personnel — a “pop-up” radio station.

The radio station is a streamer at TuneIn that is scheduled to run through early February. It’ll feature live bands, guest DJs, music and music talk from some of the Pitchfork principals. It’ll be situated, mostly, at a club at the Ace Hotel Downtown LA, though a release indicates it might move around to some other clubs and record stores.

Okay, nothing to get into a panic about, right? Just a little publicity for Pitchfork and it’s only a couple of weeks …

Er … except Lexus signed onto sponsor the gig. It’s called “Pitchfork Radio presented by Lexus.” The car company is using the high-hipster event to debut its latest compact crossover vehicle, the 2015 NX.

The world keeps changing.