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The Radio Network Selects StreamGuys

New Zealand broadcaster expands digital media footprint

StreamGuys Inc. announced that it now supports all live and on-demand audio streaming for New Zealand’s The Radio Network.

Operating 124 stations in 25 markets across the country, TRN offers seven distinct brands that broadcast news, talk, sports and music. The broadcaster migrated to StreamGuys, explains the company, based on its desire to move into mobile streaming, which it identifies as a key growth area. TRN has since launched iPhone and Android mobile streams for key brands and stations, with StreamGuys delivering multiple services including program audio and branded apps developed by Jacobs Media.

The StreamGuys’ solution supports multiple audio formats over its cloud-based streaming architecture, which the firm says, has simplified TRN’s workload, eliminating multiple format transcoding steps from their side. Carolyn Luey, group general manager for digital at The Radio Network says that StreamGuys helps TRN deliver “the full radio experience” through live audio and video streaming.

“StreamGuys transcodes our streams into all the formats we need for delivery to many devices, including mobile,” said Wayne Sleeman, broadcast engineering manager at The Radio Network. “This would not have been possible with our previous streaming architecture.”

Sleeman and Luey both express that audio quality has improved since migrating to StreamGuys, offering live MP3 and HE-AAC streams to all listeners. The StreamGuys architecture extends to video, which TRN has just started to explore with the launch of a live DJ stream for its Newstalk ZB format.

StreamGuys is also providing a business software package with reporting and monitoring services. This includes SGMon, a concurrency monitoring service that provides per-stream data; and SGReports, which provides richer audience details within custom reports, according to the company.