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The Real HoJo Likes

He gives the five things he thinks you need to know about

Howard Johnson works with RAMSEY, Minn. — They laughed when I said I loved our radio traffic system from

I hate to admit it, but I was around in those ancient days — when dialing up on your phone to AOL meant waiting forever just to check an email. They say that any technology, sufficiently advanced, appears to be indistinguishable from magic. Everybody tells you they’ve got the latest and greatest … but try side-by-side with what you’re using now, and you’ll see.


Unless you’re living it every day, like we are, with multiple stations in a wide range of stations from here to Africa, this could seem boring. But for us, this was a no-brainer.

Face it: The old, bloated systems were reliable and dependable (also, complicated and slow), but were never designed for instant gratification in the 24/7 multitasking world we live in. It’s the difference between driving a Yugo or sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari makes us money, saves us time, improves our cash flow and upgrades our ROI.

Here are some reasons I think you should consider making the switch today:

First, it’s painless. I understand your radio traffic director has been doing it the same old way for 50 years, and you’re nervous about teaching him/her new tricks. However, the switchover from what you’re currently using is painless and fast. Don’t let fear be a barrier to making the right decision to ditch your antiquated system.

Yes, I know it worked fine in 1997, but are you really up to speed? In a world where the competition stays up late at night thinking about how to take your money, can you afford to stand still?

It’s costing you money every day you don’t improve (in hours for your traffic director, and actionable information to run your company). Your traffic director will thank you when it’s done.

This system is so easy even your salespeople can use it. And it answers fast, with spot-on reporting, instant reports, everything at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere and quickly.

They have fast and responsive customer service/tech support. Quick to connect and quick with answers.

I see touts their win in 13 of 17 categories by radio traffic directors around the world. I can tell you from personal experience, their people know not just the product, but the process of performing the traffic position. Some of the support people are former radio traffic directors. These are experienced broadcast pros who respond to your input.

Finally, it’s bulletproof. It’s reliable. It’s dependable. You gain peace of mind, improve your cash flow, get better ROI and sleep better at night.

One of the brains behind is Dave Scott — the guy who helped us move from carts and CDs to touchscreen music on hard drive and voice-tracking a four-hour show in 20 minutes, which aired on his Scott Studios automation. He’s a known entity who’s proven he knows how to save you time, money and effort.

We’ve all bought his stuff in the past, and we know it works.’s tech support people are always getting better and the product updates are automatic online, sometimes daily, requiring no interaction from you.

Everybody else is discovering the cloud, but’s been living there for years. Try it. You’ll like it.

For information, contact Dave Scott at in Texas at (866) 500-0500 or visit

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