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The Sounds of San Francisco

Neutrik, other suppliers help outfit studio for group that promotes women in audio engineering.

The Women’s Audio Mission is a nonprofit group in San Francisco active in promoting opportunities for women in the audio engineering industry.

When confronted in building out a new studio the group turned to Neutrik. The manufacturer donated a pair of “Easy Patch” Bantam TT 48-point patchbays.

Additional donated equipment came from A-Designs Audio (EM-Red microphone preamp and REDDI direct box), Avedis Audio (500 series rack equipment), Lavry Engineering (A2D2 mic preamp and converter), Mojave Audio (microphones), Shure (microphones), RapcoHorizon (cable), Daking (MicPre/EQ and FET Compressor), THE (microphones), Digidesign (Pro Tools system and controller), Otari (Status console), Little Labs (IBP phase tool) Mackie (HR624mkii monitors), Gotham Audio (cable), Mogami (cable) and Ready Audio acoustic treatment.

Terri Winston is president of the Women’s Audio Mission.