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‘The Walrus’ Uses Harris HPX30

Sale was through SCMS

San Diego station XHPRS “The Walrus” purchased a Harris HPX30 as part of an FM transmitter upgrade project.

The transmitter site is in Mexico. Director of Engineering Dean Imhof oversaw the purchase from dealer SCMS, assisted by Chief Engineer Bill Lipis.

The station, airing at 105.7 MHz, had used a Harris HT25 prior.

“With the HPX tube-type transmitter saving them money on the initial purchase and money over time with power savings, management found it was the best fit,” SCMS stated. Doug Tharp handled the sale.

The HPX series includes models offering of 20 kW, 30 kW and 40 kW in a single configuration, or up to 80 kW in a dual configuration.