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The Year in College Radio

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

It was an exciting 2011 for many people and industries, college radio not being an exception. Offering a recap, the blog Radio Survivor released its summation of the events that shaped college radio for 2011.

The “2011: The Year That College Radio Fought Back” focused on challenges, most notably the closures of a number of stations. The blog said support from students and communities protesting these losses saved a few in the process and offered a silver lining into 2012.

College stations that changed hands due to often contentious broadcast license sales included outlets at the University of San Francisco’s KUSF, Rice University’s KTRU and Vanderbilt University’s WRVU. The Radio Survivor noted that backers didn’t give up without a fight, and it said the resulting attention brought to college radio’s plight spurred discussion panels at many music conferences.

College Radio Day debuted in 2011, Oct. 11 to be precise, bringing with it more awareness of college-based (and staffed) radio stations.