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From Agresta To Zethmayr, These Folks Made Possible the Editorial Content of the 32 Issues of Radio World and Radio World Engineering Extra in 2005.
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From Agresta To Zethmayr, These Folks Made Possible the Editorial Content of the 32 Issues of Radio World and Radio World Engineering Extra in 2005.

Each issue of Radio World and Radio World Engineering Extra contains an index of advertisers as well as a list of our editors and other key staff.

But I don't have the space regularly to thank everyone who makes our outstanding editorial content possible. Allow me, as the year draws to a close, to thank by name the many hundreds of people who in 2005 wrote our stories, sent letters to the editor, contributed User Reports, submitted Workbench tips or allowed us to feature them or quote their opinions in a prominent way.

The range of knowledge and expertise represented by this list humbles me, and it doesn't even include the many, many other sources who helped our writers with their research or who were quoted briefly.

Thank you, all, for helping to make Radio World possible.

My thanks to Bill Agresta, Gregory Ahlfeld, Cris Alexander, Leon Amstutz, Maurice Anderson, Tom Andrews, Jerry Arnold, Allan Augustyn, David Barner, Bruce Bartlett, Mark Battersby, Fred Baumgartner, Frank Beacham, George Beasley, Gary Begin, Ernie Belanger, Rick Bell, James Bellaire, Angelo Bello, Jon Bennett, William Bennett, Larry Berger, Oliver Berliner, Ralph Bernard and Clarence Beverage.

Also John Bisset, Christopher Blackburn, Jorge Blanco-Galdo, Gary Blau, Barry Blesser, Laurie Bonnici, Keith Bowman, Wes Boyd, Tom Boyhan, Kevin Branigan, Dan Braverman, David Bray, Gary Brefini, Ben Brinitzer, Jackie Broo, Kelly Brooks, Dave Brown, Camille Brown Morgan, Margaret Bryant, Read Burgan, Bruce Burger, Peter Burk, Bob Burnham, Tom Burns, Andy Butler, Carl Butrum, Jack Buttram, Steve Callahan, Greg Camp, Mark Carbonaro, James Careless, Ralph Carlson, Gordon Carter, Bruno Caruso, Naina Chernoff, Robert Chickering, Steve Church, Pete Cipriano, Marguerite Clark, Brian Clark, Roswell Clark, Steve Clendenin, Scott Clifton, Bob Clinton and Jeff Cohen.

Likewise Harry Cole, Wayne Coleman, Chuck Conrad, Holland Cooke, Mike Costanzo, William Covington, Dave Cox, Ron Cox, Bob Culver, John Curtis, Tim Cutforth, Don Danko, David Davis, Steve Davis, Jim Davis, Chris Davis, Ben Dawson, Don Day, Bill DeFelice, Mark Dezzani, Andrew Dickens, Carly Didden, Michael Dinger, T.W. Dittmer, Richard Doll, Mike Dorrough, Scott Dorsey, Henry Downs, Charles Dubé, Jack Ducart, Edward Dulaney, Allen Dunkin, Mark Durenberger, Joe Dysart, Carlos Eduardo Behrensdorf and Cam Eicher.

And William Eldridge, Andy Eliason, Gary Ellingson, Howard Enstrom, Mike Erickson, Chris Erwin, Mike Evans, Lauren Evoy Davis, Doug Fearn, Simone Fewell, Buc Fitch, Curtis Flick, Steve Floyd, Steve Fluker, Ty Ford, Ballard Fore, Frank Foti, Fred Francis, Richard Franklin, John Franklin, Steve Freeman, Clay Freinwald, Ray Frieders, Gary Fries, Eddie Fritts, Larry Fuss, Scott Fybush, Brent Gardner-Smith, Greg Garrett, John Garziglia, John George, Tony Gervasi, Brett Gilbert, Dennis Gilliam, Bill Gillman, Neil Glassman, Kevin Glennon, Mark Goff, Mark Goff, Jay Goldman and Bert Goldman.

As well, Bob Gonsett, Don Gonyea, Arthur Graf, Lyssa Graham, David Graupner, Bobby Gray, Mark Greenhouse, Sandy Griffin, Frank Grundstein, Tim Guentz, Josh Hadden, Marty Hadfield, Art Hadley, Lawrie Hallett, Harold Hallikainen, Terry Hanley, Jack Hannold, Tim Hardy, Dick Harris, Brad Harrison, Jeff Hartman, Tom Hartnett, Ken Hawk, Bob Heckler, Michael Hedges, Jeffrey Hedquist, Robert Heiney, Steve Hemphill, Mario Hieb, John Higdon, Richard Hinkle, Jim Hoge, Ed Hollis, David Hollyer, John Holt, Fred Hopengarten, Dan Houg, Bob Hughes, Mark Humphrey and John Huntley.

Similarly, Christopher Imlay, Peter Jackson, Russ Jenkins, James Jenkins, Jeff Johnson, James Johnson, Craig Johnston, Dow Jones, Mark Kalman, Paul Kaminski, Steven Karty, George Katzenberger, Gary Keener, Don Kelly, Don Kennedy, Randy Kerbawy, Michael Kernen, Dan Kerr, John King, Peter King, Gary Kline, E.J. Knight, Kent Koselke, Warren Kozireski, Alan Kraemer, Kent Kramer, Ken Krause, Fred Krock, Michael LaBoone, Ed LaComb, Andy Laird, Steve Lampen, Larry Langford, Ted Lantz, Mark Lapidus, Mark Laura, George Laurie, Jack Layton, Michael LeClair, Fee Lee, Matt Leland, Saul Levine, Rick Levy, Jerry Lewine, Joyce Lieberman and Carl Lindemann.

Also Rolin Lintag, Jeff Littlejohn, Phil Lombardo, Chuck Lontine, Tony Lopez, Frank Lovre, Michael Lowery, Walt Lowery, Frank Luepke, John T.M. Lyles, Steve Lyman, Cecil Lynch, John Lyons, Peter Maer, Richard Majestic, Daniel Mansergh, Nick Markowitz, John Martin, Dan Mason, Dave Matthews, Tim Mauch, David Maxson, Bob May, Kevin McCarthy, Jerry McCarty, Jon McClintock, Frank McCoy, Dale McCubbins, Tom McGinley, Dick McGraw, Frank McLemore, Doug McLeod, Bob McLeod, Daryl McQuinn, Marty Melia, Geoff Mendenhall, John Merli, Flip Michaels, Darren Millar, Ed Miller, Norman Miller, Randal Miller, Jack Mindy, Steve Minshall, Grady Moates, Frank Montero, Ed Montgomery, Dave Morgan, Chip Morgan, David Morrison, Brett Moss and Greg Muir.

And Jack Mullaney, Randy Murphy, Steve Murphy, Mark Murphy, Dave Myers, Graham Mytton, Dirk Nadon, Ted Nahil, Ty Noble, Dave Obergoenner, Dan Odenwald, Doug Olson, Bob Orban, Steve Ordinetz, Tom Osenkowsky, Gary Palamara, Mike Pappas, Brett Paradis, Lee Parr, Will Patnaud, Stuart Peters, Al Peterson, Gary Peterson, Sharon Pettigrew, Skip Pizzi, Peter Polanco, Robert Polhamus, Stephen Poole, John Poray, Richard Porter, Mike Powers and Les Proctor.

Dana Puopolo, Joe Quattrocchi, R.J. Quianzon, Ken R., Ron Rackley, John Ramsey, Mark Ramsey, Rich Rarey, Tom Ray, Larry Ray, Robert Reams, Art Reis, John Reiser, Kerry Richards, Robert Richer, Michael Ring, Bruce Roberts, Lauren Rooney, Brian Rose, Jeff Rosenberg, Carter Ross, Richard Rudman, Jeff Rutan, Bill Ryan, Jim Ryan, Paul Sagi, Paul Sakrison, Martin Sandberg, Dave Savage, Robert Savage, Steve Savanyu, Greg Savoldi, Ron Schacht, Bill Scheffler, John Schneider, Richard Schrag and Bob Schroeder.

And Jim Schropp, Glenn Schulke, Mike Schweizer, Tim Schwieger, Dave Scott, J.S. Sellmeyer, Mike Shane, Ellyn Sheffield, Fred Shetler, Paul Shinn, Paul Shulins, Laverne Siemens, Phil Simon, Tim Singleton, Steve Sisk, Richard Skeie, Terry Skelton, Ken Sleeman, Daniel Slentz, Lamar Smith, Jeff Smith, Lamar Smith, Milford Smith, Mark Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Peter Smyth, Gary Snow, David Solomon, Alvin Sookoo, Dean Sorenson, Gabriel Sosa Plata, Jim Southwick, John Spaulding, Bob Spence, Joe Stack, Vernon Stanfill, Jim Stanley and Mike Starling.

Too, Ryan Steelberg, K. Dean Stephens, Leslie Stimson, Randy Stine, John Stortz, Robert Stout, J.D. Strahler, Bob Stroupe, Eric Suitter, Steve Sullivan, Dave Supplee, Bob Surette, Craig Swagler, Jim Swanigan, D.S. Tacker, Tom Taggart, Rolf Taylor, Douglas Thompson, Blake Thompson, Ron Thompson, Eddie Thurmond, Larry Titus, Mike Tocco, Ethan Torrey, Scott Trask, Jim Travis, Matt Truman, Bernd Trutenau, Stephen Turner, Floyd Turner, Steve Tuzeneu, Jeff Twilley, Dick Tyler, Joe Tymecki, Barry Umansky, Larry Van Horn, Carl Van Orden, Mike Vanhooser, Frank Vela and Jerry Venable.

And Tom Vernon, Barry Victor, Mark Voris, Gary Wachter, Glynn Walden, Tim Walker, Paul Walker, Marvin Walther, Mark Ward, Clive Warner, Keith Warner, George Waters, Jim Watkins, Kevin Webb, Burt Weiner, Jerry Westberg, Alistair Westgarth, Cliff Wheeler, John White, Bill Whitlock, Duane Whittingham, Hal Widsten, Larry Wilkins, Dave Wilson, Guy Wire, Jim Withers, Garrett Wollman, Garrett Wood, Jim Wood, George Woodard, Mark Woodhouse, Randy Woods, Bob Young, Ravi Zacharias, Tom Zarecki and Cal Zethmayr.

Thank you all. And to our readers, writers, advertisers and employees, may 2006 bring each of us peace and greater understanding.


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