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“This American Life” Now Available on Pandora

Joins “Serial” on the streaming service

The Pandora library has added another big name podcast, this time coming from the Windy City.

Every Monday, new episodes — each featuring various stories on a single theme — of “This American Life” will be made available to listeners to via iOS, Android, tablet or streamed online.

Ira Glass hosts the podcast, produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago, and he is also the executive producer of “Serial,” which launched on Pandora last year. According to Pandora Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips, the first two seasons of “Serial” have been streamed 15.6 million by Pandora users thus far.

“Putting ‘Serial’ on Pandora was an experiment, because we really didn’t know if their listeners wanted to tune into hour-long stories. As it turns out … millions of them did!” said Glass in a press release. “We hope and believe that the same thing will be true for ‘This American Life,’ and Pandora will turn their listeners into fans. Because, you know, we like it when people listen.”