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Those Wacky Audio Machines

Mackie Collects Amusing Tales of Audio Woe

Equipment manufacturer Mackie recently concluded its 20th Anniversary by collecting tales of Mackie audio equipment suffering (and surviving!) at the hands of users, nature and fate.

The winner, a pair of SRM 450 powered speakers, were buried in a mudslide and then recovered and hosed out by their owner. Other equipment victims included a VLZ mixer (run through a dishwasher to clean out 12 years’ worth of dirt), a speaker set that survived a high-speed police chase and accident in a stolen truck and a VLZ mixer that continued to perform after hot coffee was dumped on it during the middle of an Internet radio show.

Many of these stories are accompanied with short videos displaying the equipment and explaining the whole cataclysm.

The best stories received prizes. Mackie has decided to continue collecting stories.