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Three Die in Iowa Tower Fall

Three Die in Iowa Tower Fall

Three tower crew workers fell 1,100 feet Wednesday from an Iowa Public Television tower and died, according to the Associated Press, which quoted local officials.
Bill Hayes, director for engineering at IPTV, said the crew was replacing strobe lights. “They were up fairly high when something went wrong and all three members of the crew fell,” Hayes told AP. “We don’t know what the actual cause was.” He said a fourth member of the crew was working on the ground, operating a winch, hoisting parts to the crew.
“We can only assume that the safety equipment failed,” said Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker.
The men were identified by AP and in other published reports as Leo Deters, age 57; Jason Galles, 27; and Jon McWilliams, 19. They worked for Deter Tower Service.