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Tieline Gear Gets Olympics Workout

Supports customized communications to announcers at venues

Tieline says the U.S. television rights holder at the Winter Games in Vancouver is using its gear to broadcast live IP audio.

The manufacturer said the i-Mix G3 is supplying live commentary audio as part of the “Pure World” coverage of a range of events. Australian audio engineer Al Craig told Tieline he has been using its gear at summer and winter games since 2004. Craig is shown working with the i-Mix G3 in Vancouver.

The codecs are used to send bidirectional stereo IP audio over Ethernet connections and provide customized communications to each announcer at the venues. The codecs also support sending audio over 3G wireless, POTS, ISDN, X.21 or satellite connections if required. Each i-Mix G3 codec was preconfigured prior to its deployment at each venue and can be remote controlled from the International Broadcast Centre.

The manufacturer posted details of how the gear is being used.