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Tieline Partners With Wheatstone

Genie codecs will work with WheatNet IP environment

Tieline will partner with Wheatstone on integration of Tieline IP audio codecs into the WheatNet IP environment.

“This will allow Tieline’s new Genie IP audio distribution codecs to broadcast pristine high-quality IP audio between remotely located WheatNet IP studios over a range of managed or unmanaged IP networks like the Internet,” they said in a statement.

The announcement was made by Tieline’s Charlie Gawley, vice president of sales Asia/Pacific & EMEA, and Jay Tyler, Wheatstone director of sales.

Genie is an IP audio codec said to be suitable for STL use; it can distribute four channels of WheatNet IP audio via Tieline’s WheatNet IP audio card.

“The card provides a LAN interface for connecting Genie directly to a WheatNet IP network to allow it to distribute audio to another studio over external IP networks like the Internet,” the companies stated. “At the same time all audio can be preserved in the WheatNet IP environment.”

Tyler said Wheatstone has taken advantage of its standards-based network infrastructure to connect with other vendors’ audio equipment. “For example, our software drivers already allow third-party PC automation and audio software to access WheatNet-IP directly.”

Gawley said client radio networks can keep their audio in the format in which it was recorded as a result.