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Tieline Updates Merlin Family Software

Codec maker Tieline has announced an update to the software for its Merlin family of codecs.

Software v. 2.6.22 is now available for the Merlin, Merlin Plus and Merlin Plus WheatNet-IP codecs.

This new version allows the codecs to “simultaneously create two bidirectional mono or stereo remote connections with a separate bidirectional IFB connection. This software upgrade also allows Merlin codecs to run a single mono or stereo remote with a separate IFB connection.”

Tieline explains that the Merlin family is designed for remote missions and “many broadcasters require full duplex communications and bidirectional program audio between the studio and remote sites.”

It is a free upgrade and available here. The company has also announced that a tweak for the Genie codecs is also available.