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Time Is on Their Side, Spotify Says

Spotify’s Facebook Profile Tweaks Nifty New Feature

Spotify has gotten a little creative with its fan page on Facebook, turning the new timeline feature into “A History Of Music,” beginning back in the year 1001 A.D.

The earliest entry notes that this was the year when “Music theorists in the Christian church begin experimenting with two melodic lines sung parallel to each other.”

Scrolling through the Spotify timeline, fans can absorb such versatile information as which century brought us European “troubadours” (the 13th), when Johnny Cash was born (1932), at which television special Michael Jackson debuted the Moonwalk (“Motown 25”) or even which state named a stretch of road after Tina Turner (Tennessee).

You can also comment on events (below the Beatles breaking up in 1970, someone wrote, “Spoiler alert!”), add your own significant music moments to the timeline and connect with other fans through the site.

Of course, Spotify itself wasn’t founded until 2006, making it a fairly light splash in the wide ocean of human artistic achievement. One can imagine that Spotify’s social media gurus have a lot of ground to cover as they add more dates, events and people to the timeline in the coming weeks and months.

Spotify users can click here to listen to a special “History of Music” playlist.