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Titanic Easter Message to Air

U.K. radio network salutes holy day as well as anniversary of the famous sinking

HCJB Global draws attention to a special “Titanic” Easter Sunday program to be aired this weekend by the stations of the UKRD group, in the United Kingdom. The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship is approaching (April 15).

A release from UKRD Group, owner of 16 commercial stations in the U.K. said, “We all know of the inspirational image of ‘the band that played on’ as the Titanic sank,” said Chief Executive, William Rogers. “The band leader, Wallace Hartley, was a man of strong Christian values and it seemed appropriate for us to reflect on the strength of his conviction as he went down with the ship, especially given the Christian message of Easter.”

UKRD’s Group Program Director Phil Angell was quoted, “Religion is fundamental to many radio listeners; yet commercial radio has all but forgotten its place in society despite consultants and senior programmers ramming home the message that we should ‘reflect the lives of our listeners’ in what we do.”

According to HCJB, “Whistling Frog Productions blended voices, music and an interview with Steve Turner who authored the book, ‘The Band that Played On.’ The five-minute radio feature carries the same name as the book.”

Whistling Frog Productions is associated with HCJB Global.

According to UKRD the show will also air on Star Radio in Cambridge and Ely. The Dean of Ely Cathedral will introduce the piece.