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TiVo Facing Identity Crisis

TiVo Facing Identity Crisis

Maybe radio should rethink its fascination with TiVo-like capabilities.
TiVo must redefine itself in the 21st century in order to survive. That’s the conclusion of digital and consumer research firm The Diffusion Group. As DirecTV phases out shipments of TiVo DVRs – a relationship that accounted for 70% of TiVo units sold in 2004 but will account for less than 5% of unit shipments by 2007 – TiVo will be forced to come to terms with an increasingly competitive market flooded by free DVRs from video service providers, according to the report. It suggests TiVo will look to new cable and satellite relationships to fill the gap.
The Diffusion Group believes TiVo needs to be more than a DVR, but must also combine consumer electronics, digital audio, web-based video, each with a significant Internet component.
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