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To the Cloud for Amb-OS

Content delivery specialists expand tools

Amb-OS, which operates a satellite program delivery system, is taking advantage of the latest thing: the cloud.

It will use said cloud as a delivery vehicle with a service called Amb-OS Anywhere VPN. It is designed to act as a customizable virtual private network for stations and networks, aiming to facilitate digital delivery of programming via broadband Internet. All is done without the need of a satellite dish.

Dick Becvar, Amb-OS Media general manager, stated in the announcement: “Amb-OS has afforded the potential and efficiency that networks need in an integrated transmission system that automatically transfers programs. Basically, it’s the accessibility of FTP, the distribution of satellite, the reliability of the Internet and a combination of the efficiency and ease of use available through Amb-OS technology.”

An early adopter is the Northwestern Media operation of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minn.

Northwestern Media VP of Broadcast Operations Harv Hendrickson told the supplier that the system offers a way to eliminate each station having to download the same programs. The user can capture programs from various sources, encode them and distribute on Northwestern’s private network. “This is not only more convenient but has also helped each of our owned and operated stations, making it so they no longer have to invest in recording technology at each location.”

Amb-Os originally was formed to fund a satellite FTP platform for Christian radio program producers and radio stations.

“Christian Stations Get the FTP Option” (2008)