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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

That is the question, especially at funerals

News business observer Ryan Murphy asks the question: Should a reporter tweet at a funeral?

Murphy is digital media editor for the Radio Television Digital News Association. He was prompted to mull the matter by the case of Boston Herald sports reporter Ian Rapoport, who attended the funeral of Myra Kraft, wife of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Rapoport tweeted from the funeral, though not during the services. However, the distinction was not initially clear, and Rapoport expressed concern in a later radio interview.

Considering the omnipresence of media, especially social media, the urgency of deadlines along with the immediacy and insatiable appetite of the Internet news machine, RTDNA asks when is it proper to tweet at a funeral? Before, after, or even during?

Tweeting From Funerals: Right or Wrong?