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Toshiba Has Newest IBOC Automotive Chipset

iBiquity OKs Toshiba chips for IBOC automotive radios

IBiquity Digital has certified Toshiba Corp.’s new radio chipset for use in HD Radio automotive receivers. Toshiba joins NXP and Sanyo Semiconductor in offering receiver manufacturers a front-end chipset that can be integrated with HD Radio decoders into radio products.

Toshiba says its TB2178FG and TC94A90FG radio chipsets allow the RF down-conversion and the analog demodulation to integrate with HD Radio decoders to provide automotive radio reception.

COO of iBiquity Jeff Jury stated, “The market for OEM-quality HD Radio chipsets is growing rapidly with the increasing introduction of more car platforms offering HD Radio receivers as standard or options in vehicles.” Thirteen automotive manufacturers have committed to factory installation of HD Radio receivers in their vehicles.

Overall, more than 1.5 million HD Radio chipsets have been manufactured and more than 1 million modules shipped, according to iBiquity.