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Tower Family Foundation Expands Scholarship Program

Eligibility criteria for scholarship program expanded for tower workers

The Tower Family Foundation has announced that is expanding its eligibility criteria for its scholarship program to include severely injured or permanently disabled tower workers. Now, injured tower workers can receive a scholarship to continue post-secondary education, while prior to the expansion it was reserved for legal dependents of injured or deceased tower workers.

The Tower Family Foundation was founded in 2014. All contributions to the organization are granted directly to eligible tower workers and/or their families for scholarships or to help pay for immediate needs and related costs to an accident or fatality situation, according to a press release from the National Association of Tower Erectors.

“The expansion of the Tower Family Foundation Scholarship program is yet another tangible step that helps fulfill the organization’s primary mission of providing support and caring for industry workers and their families,” said Jim Coleman, Tower Family Foundation board member from AT&T, in a press release.

Criteria for the Tower Family Foundation Scholarship can be viewed here and applied for here.