Tower Improvisation

If you don't have steel, maybe a post made from a tree will work ...
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It's not the sort of antenna installation a lot of radio engineers deal with, but in many corners of the world where it is too difficult or expensive or both to erect a tubular-steel structure, you make do with the best mast you can create ... as a group in Sarayaku, Ecuador, did with this mast made from a tree and raised by hand.

The installation is from 2007 and holds two VHF and two HF antennas that the town uses to link with a satellite Internet connection.


Tower Rating Changes Take Effect

Broadcasters with new antenna projects or those planning to make changes to existing antenna support structures will be confronted with myriad revisions made to the national standard governing construction of steel antenna towers in this country. Some of the revisions may cost broadcasters more money than they had budgeted for projects.

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Roxborough Towers Above Philly

If you've ever driven the Schuylkill Expressway, Interstate 76 into Philadelphia, especially after dark, you've seen them: eight tall towers, beacons flashing, all within a mile or so of each other on a rise just above the Schuylkill River.