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Tower Site Blamed for Health Problems in a New York Town

Congressman’s office asks FCC for more info

A congressman’s office is involved in a tower complaint case in the town of Floyd, N.Y.

The story is carried by the Observer-Dispatch in Utica. It reports that the office of U.S. Rep. Michael Arcuri has asked the Federal Communications Commission to respond to questions about the complaints.

“Residents near the tower say they have been experiencing problems with radio music playing through their televisions and computer speakers and suspect their recent health problems — such as headaches, nausea, fatigue and blisters are connected to radiofrequency radiation coming from the tower,” the newspaper reported.

It also quoted a letter from one state official stating that the exposure is at a level that the FCC typically considers significant.

A manager for Mid-State Communications told the paper the company had provided documentation detailing high RF levels at one nearby home.

The manager “became increasingly worried about the issue when he heard [the resident] has suffered blisters because they typically are the first sign of hazardous exposure to radiofrequency radiation,” the paper wrote.