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Townsquare Buys Some AOL Web Sites

Music and entertainment blogs to enhance company’s growing multimedia effort

Though known primarily for its radio station holdings, Townsquare Media has been quietly building up its multimedia presence. Chief architect of this move has been Bill Wilson, a former AOL executive who joined Townsquare in 2010.

Now Wilson is reunited with some of his former AOL charges with group acquisition by Townsquare of several AOL entertainment-oriented sites.

The acquisitions are The Boot, a country music site, Hip-Hop music site The BoomBox and heavy metal music site NoiseCreep. In addition, the comics website ComicsAlliance, was part of the package. In April, AOL laid off a large portion of the sites’ staff; according to reports, Townsquare has taken on some remaining AOL staff.

Townsquare chairman and CEO Steven Price was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter as saying, “The acquisition of these assets from AOL represents the continued rapid growth of Townsquare Media’s portfolio of owned and operated music and entertainment websites.”