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Townsquare Settles on WideOrbit

Group owner putting all its stations on the same digital page

Station group owner Townsquare Media has announced that it is centralizing individual station operations on WideOrbit’s WO Traffic platform for overall ad traffic duties.

It will also utilize the WO Traffic Digital Orders module streaming advertising and website advertising along with the WO Streaming module for streaming and WO Analytics for business analysis.

A release says that the agreement is WideOrbit’s largest single group deployment of WO Traffic.

Townsquare Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Stuart Rosenstein said, “Standardizing on WideOrbit will simplify our business from top to bottom. We will be able to manage the ad sales of our portfolio from one database rather than the 66 we use today.” He added, “We expect that working with WideOrbit will help us improve business efficiency and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and identify new opportunities to enhance ROI.”

WideOrbit Founder and CEO Eric R. Mathewson said, “By moving its 310 radio stations to a unified technology stack, Townsquare will improve its ability to control day-to-day operations, expand revenue opportunities on digital platforms, and find new ways to enhance the company’s bottom line.”

Townsquare has over 300 radio stations.