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Trade Publishers Strike Deal in Brazil

Trade Publishers Strike Deal in Brazil

IMAS Publishing Group and Bento, Lemos & Burnay Lda. have signed a partnership for the Brazilian market.
Until now, the two had competed with their respective publications, Broadcast & Production Brasil, from IMAS, and Producao Profissional, from BLB.
“The two publishers have agreed to combine their efforts behind one publication, Producao Profissional Edicao Brasileira,” according to an announcement from the companies. It will target the professional Brazilian radio, TV, audio and video markets.
Under the arrangement, Producao Profissional Edicao Brasileira will have access to articles from IMAS publications, including Radio World, TV Technology and Audio Media. Broadcast & Production Brasil will cease publishing with the May/June issue.
IMAS will take over exclusive ad sales representation for Producao Profissional Edicao Brasileira for the United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom.