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Traffic: ‘Not Just Data Entry’ Anymore

Traffic: 'Not Just Data Entry' Anymore

Broadcast traffic and continuity employees are making a transition from a “false image of clerical functions” to being seen as a vital department with key personnel status. That’s the conclusion of the Traffic Directors Guild of America.
Releasing its annual salary survey, the organization found a modest drop in radio salaries, and an increase in TV pay; but it identified a “major shift” in radios for broadcast traffic staff.
CEO Larry Keene said that traffic employees are dealing with numerous industry agenda items including accountability, operational consolidation and bookends.
“Now it begins 2005 with Less Is More, inventory control, position placement, :30s vs. :60s and a management refocus on maximization of revenues from spots, program sponsorships, advertiser integration into program content and NTR/Internet scheduling.
“The bad news is that radio traffic personnel generally showed little or no major change in income during the past year, but the good news is an industry-wide metamorphosis from data-entry to enhanced roles in maximizing inventory usage to the stations’ bottom-lines,” he stated.