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Traffic Group to Produce Glossary

Traffic Group to Produce Glossary

If you know what we mean by the terms AAAA, barter, pacing, ROS and viable station, the TDGA wants to hear from you.
The Traffic Directors Guild of America plans to review hundreds of terms, acronyms, terminology and definitions for possible inclusion in the first edition for the TV Traffic Department Glossary. Its eventual goal is to produce a combined glossary for traffic and sales departments in radio, television and cable, touching on terms used outside the immediate industry but pertinent to advertising.
It already has a bunch of terms on its Web site and is soliciting for more. Terms used in print, outdoor and the Internet will be included.
“The vendors play a significant role in the project since it’s vital that ‘our’ terminology survives the transition to ‘their’ software,” said TDGA’s chief operating officer.
A sampling of the material is contained in the TDGA “Terms and Definitions” section of, and features radio, TV, print and computer terms. Member input on suggested terms is welcome, and should be sent to [email protected].