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Trango Releases the Lynx

Microwave wireless backhaul system had high capacity

Wireless network specialist Trango Systems is introducing a new pair of point-to-point microwave backhaul devices, the Lynx series.

The series consists of the Giga Lynx indoor box and the Apex Lynx self-contained outdoor system. Both handle standard licensed frequency bands from 6–42 GHz, with modulation levels of up to 1,024QAM.

Trango says, “Lynx series base line models include 440 Mbps available throughput, Physical Link Aggregation (PLA) which enables 2+0 operation at the physical link level, and a programmable packet buffer up to 2MB to absorb ‘bursty’ traffic and improve TCP performance.”

Other Lynx features include: advanced adaptive coding and modulation, 3.6–60 MHz channel bandwidth (ANSI and ETSI), 1+1 hot standby support with rapid shutdown and compliance with FCC/ETSI and NEBS guidelines.

The half-rack Giga Lynx has four gigabit Ethernet fiber/copper interfaces.

The outdoor Apex Lynx is power-over-Ethernet-compatible and remotely controlled via HTTPS and SSH.

Optional capabilities for the Lynx include throughput speeds of 761 Mbps full duplex and 256-bit AES hardware encryption.