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Transient Limiters New From Lightning Eliminators

Transient Limiters New From Lightning Eliminators
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New from Lightning Eliminators and Consultants are two transient limiters, the TL-50 and -80.
Each provides protection for AC electrical circuits.
The lower-cost TL-50 is rated at 50,000 amps; the TL-80 is rated at 80,000 amps. Both provide protection in all modes: L-N, L-G and NG. Both use large 40 mm MOVs without paralleling to reduce parts and aid in heat dissipation.
These models incorporate a bus bar type of internal connection, which the company says is more robust than PC board designs. The models have UL 1449 2nd Edition Listings; they mount directly to the circuit panel through a nipple-mounted connection and are internally fused. They come in watertight, dust proof, NEMA 4X enclosures for indoor or outdoor use.
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