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Trautmann at NAB: Vendor and Customer Priorities

What’s new from vendors and how can it help WestwoodOne deliver content to customers

Radio World is asking our readers about their NAB Show experiences. Here we email with Conrad Trautmann, who oversees technology for WestwoodOne.

What did you hope to accomplish at NAB Show this year?
A few things … I scheduled meetings with existing vendors to review status of ongoing projects and new developments. I scheduled a few meetings with new vendors we haven’t done business with to understand their products and offerings better and how they could potentially apply to our business. And, I tried to leave enough to time to walk the floor and see what’s new.

What are your unique challenges, as a technical executive for such a large radio network?
Determining the best solutions for our customers. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our station affiliates to receive programming and services. Integration of our systems with others is probably one of the biggest challenges, especially since delivery of content can happen many different ways.

Any specific projects in the works?
Since Cumulus acquired WestwoodOne in December 2013, our focus has been primarily on integrating systems. Traffic and sales systems, finance systems, IT and email systems, distribution systems to name a few.

What trends do you see as most notable, in the conversations and conferences you see?
AES67-2013 and Ravenna is the big buzz this year. Manufacturers are happy to have a published standard for IP audio. Cross-platform audience measurement is another important topic getting a lot of attention.

Any booths or companies you particularly try to visit every year?
We always like face to face meetings with our existing vendors and partners. Being in the audio business, a visit to the Fraunhofer booth is a destination to see what new developments they have. I also make it a point to attend Kurt Hansen’s RAIN conference in order to stay abreast of new developments in digital audio.

Radio World welcomes thoughts from other readers who attended the NAB Show. Up for participating in a Q&A? Email Paul McLane at [email protected].