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Triton Digital Introduces A2x

Audience-based ad buying system for online audio allows real-time bidding capabilities

Triton Digital, a digital content management and service company, has released a2x, what it calls an audience-based automated buying system for online and mobile streaming audio ads.

Triton says that a2x enables advertisers to buy targeted online and mobile audio ad inventory in real-time, providing a system for managing, buying and selling third-party advertising. The program also facilitates digital advertising trades, providing lists of advertising bid and offer values.

The a2x solution integrates consumer data from partner, market research firm, eXelate, which provides data on online purchase intent, household demographics and behaviors that enable digital advertisers to make marketing decisions.

“Marketers are increasingly relying on ad exchanges and real-time bidding to reach their target audiences in an effective manner. Streaming audio’s exponential growth has created an exciting new digital advertising channel, and a2x is exactly what the market needs to streamline the buying process, making the ads more accessible and enabling publishers to better monetize their content,” said Mike Agovino, chief operating officer at Triton Digital.