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Triton Digital Now Measuring Pandora’s Audience

Internet audio service had been self-reporting

Pandora says Triton Digital is now measuring Pandora’s audience on a national and local level. The Internet audio service had been self-reporting its audience figures.

Triton recently added Average Quarter-Hour ratings to its monthly measurement report on server metrics for clients, the same metrics typically used when measuring analog radio stations.

For Pandora, having Triton handle its audience measurement comes closer to enabling advertisers and their agencies to make an apples-to-apples comparison between the personalized online audio service and traditional radio for comparison purposes on a media buy.

Triton measures server streams, or what it calls “Webcast Metrics.”

Pandora has more than a 71% share of Internet radio listening among the top 20 stations and networks in the U.S. for adults 18–49, according to Triton’s audience data for March. In March, Pandora had a weekly Cume, the total number of unique listeners, of 23,874,175, according to Triton.

Arbitron uses a different methodology for its audience research than Triton and is moving towards offering cross-platform measurement.