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Triton Digital Offers Server-Based Ratings for Local Webcasts

Local online audio data won’t be publicly released

Triton Digital is offering local webcast metrics.

The company says its national monthly rankers will be available on a local market basis starting with the November data. Local data garnered through its Webcast Metrics Local solution will not be released publicly. It will be the property of the subscribing publisher, meaning Internet radio stations or over-the-air stations that also stream their programming.

Participating webcasters will be able to see their audience metrics within individual markets and combinations of markets as well as segment the audience across demographic attributes within geographies, according to Triton.

The company gathers data from the server files of participating webcasters.

Triton Media co-founder and COO Mike Agovino says as agencies and advertisers ramp up their investment in measurement of online audio, they have also increased their expectations. “For online audio to attract the level of advertising investment it deserves, our customers will need to provide enhanced metrics, greater transparency and the kind of targeting capabilities that digital advertisers expect — particularly on a local level. The new offering features key targeting variables including geography, user agent and device type, expanding the opportunity for publishers and marketers alike.”

Triton says it’s the only online audio measurement methodology that’s accredited by the Media Ratings Council.