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Triton Digital to Add AQH Ratings

Idea is to make it easier for advertisers to compare analog, online ratings

Triton Digital is tweaking how it presents its audience measurement data for online audio.

The digital measurement company is adding Average Quarter-Hour ratings by market to its monthly online reports, the same metrics typically used when measuring analog radio stations.

Subscribers will continue to see Average Active Sessions. Triton’s Webcast Metrics’ information is based on a count of listeners taken from streaming servers.

Triton defines AAS as Average Active Sessions as the average number of listeners, at any given time, during the time period. The company derives AAS by dividing the total listening hours by the number of hours in the reported time period with a session duration greater than one minute.

The addition of the AQH figures in the same report with the server information, according to Triton, will make it easier for advertisers and media buyers to make apples-to-apples comparisons between online and traditional radio buys and facilitate more cross-media ad buys.

“We are excited to see how the ability to provide such a direct comparison will impact advertisers’ views on the value of streaming,” said Horizon Media SVP/Director Lauren Russo.

The change also gives subscribers the flexibility to combine their offline and online audience into a credible total audience number while maintaining the ability to position the attributes of either channel independently, notes the company.