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Triton Says Mobile Tops Online Listening

Pandora, Clear Channel, Slacker top three streamers

More than half of streamed listening is now consumed on mobile devices.

That’s according to Triton Digital, which measures Internet audio listening for pure-play streams and streams of broadcast radio stations.

Mobile streamed audio listening accounted for 56% of all audio consumption in March. That compares to 46% for March 2012, says Triton.

Pandora began capping mobile listening at 40 hours per month in March. During the period, Triton saw a 23% increase in pure-play Internet audio mobile listening and a 5% increase in broadcast Internet stream listening.

Overall, Pandora still tops listening data for March with 905.7 million session starts and 1.85 million “Average Active Sessions.” Clear Channel comes in at #2 (with 138.6 million starts and 309, 871 active sessions) with Slacker #3 (34.7 million starts, 74,705 active sessions), followed by Cumulus in the #4 position (19.5 million starts, 71,531 active sessions) and CBS Radio at #5 (21.5 million starts, 70,842 active sessions.)