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Triton: Streaming Audio Listening Typically Drops During Holidays

However it says latest listening data shows Pandora listening doesn’t take the same hit in December

While listenership to streaming audio typically drops around the holidays, that seems to be the case for December, except for Pandora.

That’s according to Triton Digital, which has now released streaming listening data for December.

Triton’s domestic ranker for 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, lists Pandora as number one with 805 million “Session Starts” and about 1.75 million “Active Sessions.” Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio is second, followed by CBS, Cumulus and Slacker, in that order.

Session Starts is defined as the number of different stream requests with a duration of at least one minute in total within the reported time period. Triton defines Average Active Sessions as “Total Listening Hours divided by hours in the reported time period.” TLH is defined as the total number of hours that the station/publisher has streamed during sessions with duration of at least one minute in total within the reported time period.

What can we conclude from the data? Triton says the December online audio data supports two conclusions: the holiday season trend softens as mobile becomes a more typical listening method and that “in-office” desktop listening does not necessarily translate to “in-home” listening.