Troposcatter System Achieves 20 Mbps Data Rate

Troposcatter System Achieves 20 Mbps Data Rate
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"If you have ever driven Card Sound Road between Florida City and the Keys, you may have noticed some large reflectors and a building that was the U.S. end of an AT&T troposcanner link to Cuba ..."
TV Tech columnist Doug Lung says "troposcatter" is still in use and that two companies have announced a product that allows data transmission up to 20 Mbps.
See the story on the TV Tech Web site.


A Year of Sadness and Achievement

As I conclude my first term as president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, I find myself not only in a reflective mood, looking at the accomplishments of the passing year, but in an excited one as well, waiting with great anticipation for the challenges to come in the next term of office.