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Truce on Digital Piracy Reached

Truce on Digital Piracy Reached

Major players in the recording and technology industries have agreed on the basics to guide their lobbying efforts on digital content issues in the new session of Congress. The Business Software Alliance, the Computer Systems Policy Project and the Recording Industry Association of America publicized the agreement. The pact is significant, these groups believe, because it shows a consensus on how content creators should be able to use technology to protect their property, and an agreement that government technical mandates are not the way to solve content piracy.
To combat piracy, the industries will promote privately funded public awareness efforts and support existing copyright protection laws.
“The digital transformation of the music is not coming – it is here,” said RIAA Chairman/CEO Hilary Rosen. She said the agreement keep RIAA focused on what’s important and “minimizes the distracting public rhetoric and needless legislative battles.”