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Trying to Find Common Ground

Talks about the power increase have been going on in the background.

I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree on the complex topic of the digital power increase; certainly there’s disagreement between stations that have invested in the IBOC equipment and want to see ROI out of it and those that haven’t and don’t want their signals to be negatively affected.

I know talks are going on among the FCC, broadcasters, iBiquity and transmission manufacturers to find some common ground on the increase. The use of single-frequency networks as well as asymmetrical digital sidebands need to be explored more thoroughly.

The effects of raising digital power incrementally should be tested as well. Several manufacturers have said stations may benefit from an increase in digital power of 1% to 6%. Let’s try that in select cases and see what happens. More stations need to be allowed to raise the power on an experimental basis, to get more field experience.

I hear one possible solution being floated is not to allow a blanket increase but one with exceptions, as well as a procedure to handle interference complaints.