TSA, Manufacturers Developing ‘Security Friendly’ Laptop Cases

No More ‘Hey Maam, Do You Have a Laptop in That Bag?’
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This promises to make airline travel with a laptop easier.

The Transportation Security Administration is working with manufacturers to develop a laptop case that can be sent through airport X-ray machines — with the computer still inside the case. Right now, laptops now must be removed so screeners can see if they are concealing bombs or weapons.

Skooba Design sent me a notice, saying vendors are designing new “checkpoint-friendly” cases.

Interested vendors had to submit white papers in April on “checkpoint-friendly” case design concepts. Those selected by the TSA had until the end of May to submit prototypes.

According to its request for information, the key is for TSA screeners to be able to see the laptop in a single X-ray image, so the traveler would no longer need to remove the laptop from its case and place the computer in a separate bin. Eliminating the requirement could lower traveler stress levels, speed up traffic through the security checkpoint and cut the number of claims the TSA receives for laptops that have been damaged during screening, it says.

The TSA will subject the prototypes to different types of X-ray screening to determine if the images have enough resolution and clarity and are not shielded by other things in the bag.

Skooba and other vendors hope to have a security-friendly line out in time for the back to school/fall/holiday season. This is promising news for heavy travelers.


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