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TuneIn’s Relaunch

New interface, features and emphasis

TuneIn, well-known as a radio Internet stream portal, is relaunching itself with a new interface, additional features and a modification in its raison d’être.

The PC, tablet and smartphone app is aiming to be less a passive portal and more of a content provider with social media features. TuneIn users will have improved search features and can build radio profiles. They’ll also have a feed keeping apprised of what’s playing and what’s happening at their favorites. A social media style function “Echo” will allow TuneIn users to let others know what they are listening.

TuneIn is also working to be more involved with content providers, branding many of them as “content partners,” such as ESPN Radio, NPR, talkSPORT, CBS Radio, the Wall Street Journal and others, including TV operations such as CNN and The Weather Channel.

The content partners will have available social tools such as “follow me” buttons at their sites. TuneIn is also adding more marketing-oriented brands such as Lexus and Universal Pictures to its offerings.

TuneIn CEO John Donham said, “Until now, TuneIn was a search engine for audio. With our launch today, TuneIn transforms into an audio network, the first of its kind for live content.”