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Turkey: Spreaker Steps In

The platform gives people of Turkey a voice during uprising

In the wake of recent Turkish unrest, the Spreaker platform has allowed citizens to continue to share their opinions.

With the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, scorning social media and condoning the arrest of 25 protesters for using Twitter, the Spreaker platform has allowed OccupygeziRadio, the voice of Turkey, to interview people live from the country.

“As the heavily-censored, government-run media attempts to ignore the realities and atrocities taking place in Turkey at this very moment, the people of Turkey are not standing idly by, but they are taking to social media in record numbers, even at the risk of arrest for doing so,” said Francesco Baschieri, Spreaker co-founder and CEO. “Spreaker is proud to stand for free speech and giving the people of Turkey a voice to speak out against repression and censorship.”

Spreaker is a free online application that automatically shares live broadcasts or recorded podcasts throughout social networks directly from mobile devices or desktops.