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TV Cap Stays at 39% Compromise in Spending Package

TV Cap Stays at 39% Compromise in Spending Package

The Senate has passed a $373 billion spending package containing funding annual funding for several federal agencies. Much of the federal government has been operating under stopgap funding arrangements since Oct. 1.
Included is a compromise 39% TV national ownership cap.
“We’re pleased the national television ownership cap issue appears
to be resolved by the passage of this legislation,” stated NASB President/CEO Eddie Fritts. “We salute all broadcasters who worked with Congress to reach this compromise that recognizes the enduring value of free, local television stations.”
The FCC in June passed a 45%TV cap, but that has been blocked while the new media ownership rules are debated in federal court. The 39% is a compromise reached by lawmakers last year, before the new session of Congress began this week.
The House passed the appropriations measure a month ago. The bill now goes to the President for his signature. Democrats had succeeded in delaying a final vote until Thursday.