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TV Claims It Needs Channel 6 Protection

Those TV guys just want ALL the spectrum.

Those TV guys just want ALL the spectrum.

The Association for Maximum Service Television is no fan of proposals to end radio protection of TV Channel 6 and possibly Channel 5 spectrum and turn those allotments over to the FM band after the DTV transition.

RW’s “The Leslie Report” recently reported on the proposal by Mullaney Engineering, which cites the change as a way to ease overcrowding on the FM band. Another petition, filed by EME Communications, echoes the proposal.

Both petitions are “without merit and procedurally flawed,” said MSTV, an advocate for free-over-the-air TV technology issues, in an FCC filing.

It’s too late in the DTV allotment process to take one or more channels out of the available assignment pool for full-power stations, nor expect those viewers to accept interference from radio stations, according to the advocacy group.