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TV Program Uses Text Messaging to Compete for Radio Song Dedications

TV Program Uses Text Messaging to Compete for Radio Song Dedications

Radio promotions people might want to take note of an announcement of a partnership between Telenor Mobile Interactive, a mobile messaging company, and the FUSE TV Network, a cable music channel.
Not because it concerns radio, but because it takes aim at radio.
“Teens and adults will now be able to proclaim their feelings for their loved ones in a whole new way using a whole new medium,” the companies stated.
“Instead of calling into radio shows to make song dedications, these love-struck teenagers now can dedicate songs via premium text message to a popular daily request television show, ‘Dedicate Live,’ which airs on the FUSE TV network from 5 to 6 p.m.
“Telenor Mobile Interactive is providing the media platform, providing viewers to interact with the music show via text messaging, eliminating the hassles of hang-ups and busy signals that phone call-ins bring.”
Radio managers looking for new revenue streams via RDS might also be interested to note that, in the case of FUSE, viewers submit dedications by text message for 50 cents each to the producers of the TV show.
“Viewers will be able to see their messages scroll across the television screen during the dedicated song, as well as receive non-premium alerts daily on the ‘wireless song of the day.'”
Producers eventually hope to allow viewers to send an unlimited number of dedications for a flat fee each month. The service will be available to subscribers of certain wireless phone systems.