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Two More AM Towers Fall

WAEB guy wires cut, truck snags one guy wire on WTJV

Bad things are said to come in threes, and in this case, that applies to tower crashes.

Two additional towers have fallen to the ground since we wrote about KRKO(AM), Everett, Wash. last week — one in Pennsylvania and another in Florida.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into how a 350-foot tower serving WAEB(AM), Allentown, Pa., fell after its guy wires were cut. The Clear Channel tower is one of five in the same location of Whitehall Township, reports the Morning Call, which quotes authorities as saying no one was injured and no other property was damaged in the incident.

The station, which operates at 790 kHz, went on the air in 1949. Its calls stand for “Allentown,” “Easton” and “Bethlehem.” WAEB is 3,600 Watts daytime and 1,500 W nighttime.

The station remains on the air with its remaining towers.

And there’s no mystery to why a 400-foot-tall tower for of WTJV(AM), Deland, Fla. fell. The Beacon reports a truck full of high school students snagged one of the guy wires on its bumper after a high school football game. No one was injured, even after the tower and a power line fell, according to the account.

The Class C AM station operating on 1490 kHz serves the Daytona Beach area. It’s owned by J&V Communications.