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Two New LPFMs Coming to Burlington

There are now 900 low-power stations on the air in the U.S., many more pending

Two new FM signals will come on the air soon in Burlington, Vt., as the expansion of the LPFM service continues. Nine hundred low-power FMs are now licensed in the United States and many many more are pending.

The Burlington situation is but a sample. Vermont Community Access Media has been granted a construction permit for a low-power station to air at 99.3 MHz. The organization said, “We are positioning ourselves to be a listener-supported, volunteer-programmed radio station that crowd-sources content from our existing public access TV station, as well live and pre-produced radio shows that come from volunteer community programmers.” It cites the Community Media Center in Grand Rapids, Mich., LPFM station WYCE as a model.

Also in Burlington and coming from the same group of four mutually exclusive applicants, St. Francis Xavier Parish Charitable Trust has received a CP from the FCC to build its station at 105.5. The trust owns the property of St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church and School; it plans to “extend its educational outreach by broadcasting programs from such recognized Roman Catholic religious educational radio program producers as the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network of Irondale, Alab ama and Ave Maria Radio of Ann Arbor, Mich.”

Two other hopefuls in Burlington saw their applications dismissed by the FCC.

Info above is based on FCC data via the site of LPFM consultancy REC Networks, as well data accessed by Radio World from the commission database.

REC Networks reports on its Facebook page that to date, 627 LPFM applications have been dismissed from the recent application window: “202 for technical reasons, 190 for legal/applicant qualification reasons, 41 as a part of the MX process, 189 at the applicant’s request and 5 for unknown reasons.”

A search by RW of the FCC site now returns 900 licensed LPFMs, with another 1,416 LPFM construction permits outstanding.