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Two-Thirds of Radio Newsrooms Hit by the Economic Downturn

Study finds nearly 90% of stations no longer have reporters dedicated to covering specific beats

As increased layoffs are on the minds of many this spring because of the slumping economy, radio newsrooms also are experiencing cutbacks. A recent survey conducted of radio newsrooms by PR firm News Generation shows that in the top 50 markets, 66% of radio stations report that their station has been affected by the economic downturn.

Of those experiencing the impact of the tough economy, nearly 70% say they have to lay off workers or cut their staff size, while more than 15% of stations say they have to do more with less. More than 88% of stations report that they no longer have reporters dedicated to covering specific beats. In fact, of six stations reporting that they still have beat reporters, half of those reporters are business/economic reporters who are covering the economic downturn.

The consolidation of station management with cutbacks translates into even less time for reporters to go after stories and spokespeople. With cutbacks becoming more common, 42% of newsrooms say they are more reliant on outside sources to get news on the air.