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TWR Beams Message to Middle East

Turmoil in region draws multimedia response from international broadcaster

TWR, an international multimedia religious broadcaster, is redoubling efforts as parts of the Middle East are overrun by Islamic extremists hostile to other religions.

The group noted that even the State Dept. recently commented on the situation, quoting it, “In Syria, as in much of the Middle East, the Christian presence is becoming a shadow of its former self.”

It says it is also working with other like-minded broadcasters. “The director of TWR’s Arabic Ministry said Christian media organizations are uniting in vision and mission to spread the message of hope in the Arab world. Using radio, TV and new media, organizations such as TWR, SAT-7, Feba and IBRA are cross-promoting programs and sharing resources and content as they reach out to these troubled lands,” a release said.

TWR has developed a Syria-focused program, “Hope for Syria.” Along with aforementioned partners, it also has other country and region-specific programs aimed at the Middle East and the Pakistan/Afghanistan area. It also has an Internet-streamed program, Arabic Internet Radio, and a mobile app.